About me

My name is Francesca Fibbia, I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in Italy. Currently, I am studying for my master’s in Creativity and Design of Communication.

I was born in 1998, which makes me 24. I’m old enought to have passed the time in which saying what you studied in high school matters, but I am going to say it anyways because it fits my narrative. I had a scientific formation up to university, where I changed my mind and started pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication science. I felt like I might be wasting my creativity, and today I think I might have been right, because studying to become a graphic designer and then actually becoming one felt like the right way. I got my degree in 2020, but I’m still studying. Last year I started working too, and now I am a full time graphic designer for a communication agency! 
At the same time I discovered my passion for drawing, or I started believing in it. I’ve always liked to sketch on a random page, but never took it seriously. I learnt on my own, following online courses, practicing everyday and reading books. I’m still growing everyday, and I hope I will keep on getting better.
Thanks to my decision to open an instagram for my drawings, I am motivated to draw frequently to post and interact with a lot of other young artists.



In 2023 I am planning to finish my university, so I have a lot of possibilities ahead. I would love to work as an illustrator, especially for books and covers, that have always been my passion. I would like to balanced drawing and graphic design, and maybe move to a big city. 

This website is actually a big part of my plans, as I am planning on focusing more on my shop and I hope to improve and amplify it!
I also want to focus more on my youtube channel and show people my process and behind the scenes.